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What is Librium?

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Librium - cure for neurosis. On what medication a doctor prescribes, depends the degree of effectiveness of drug therapy for mental and emotional disabilities and disorders. In the neurosis, neurotic excitations and exacerbations, one of the main components of the complex of curative measures is the timely intake of the drugs and adjust their doses, if necessary, depending on the duration of the course and manifestations of side effects.

Modern pharmacology presents to your attention an effective product – a mild tranquilizer is Librium, found wide application and popularity among members of its group in the treatment of disorders associated with the activity of the nervous system.

Description of the drug Librium

Librium (Chlordiazepoxide) is a small tranquilizer that has a sedative and relaxing effect that actively inhibits spinal reflexes pulse, is used in anticonvulsant purposes, blocks the transmission of nerve impulses in all parts of the Central nervous system and decreases anxiety subcortical structures of the brain, suppressses spinal reflexes.Description

This explains the tranquilizing effects on the emotional background of a person, stress relief, psychological and muscular, the elimination of fear, anxiety, nervous agitation and aggression, anxiety, irritation and anger.

Sedative effects are expressed in the calm and relaxation of a man ,with signs of drowsiness, depression and confusion. The drug reduces the excitation from autonomic, emotional, mental, psychological and motor stimulation.

In the first days of the course of taking the medication patient may experience low blood pressure and mild hypnotic effect. This medication in neurosis has muscle relaxant effects and gently reduces muscle tone, also, at higher doses, has a direct action on motor nerves and muscle function. The medicine Librium cramps and suppresses the spread of epileptic activity, gently reduces cardiac arrhythmia, promotes relaxation of uterine musculature and has antihypoxic properties in myocardial infarction.



  • The cure of neurosis, eliminates disturbing and troublesome condition, relieving nervous tension and excitement, hysteria, irritation and mild aggression, insomnia.
  • When one has mental illness associated with symptoms of obsessions, phobias of various character and nature, manic ideas, affective tension and irritation, neurotic headache.
  • Stress and depressive psychoses, borderline states, in alcoholism, drug addiction.
  • In epilepsy and schizophrenia.
  • To prepare a person for surgery and in the postoperative period for emotional recovery during anesthesia.
  • To relieve the tension of muscles, from tremors to rigidity.
  • In cardialgia, causalgia and facial hemispasm.
  • During the climacteric and premenstrual syndrome.
  • In withdrawal syndrome in alcohol and drug dependency.
  • In arthritis and radiculitis, severe skin itching.

Release form of the drug Librium

Librium is available in tablet form, dragee with a mass of 0.005, 0.01 and 0.025 grams and coated, packed in five pieces per pack. To keep Store the drug out of kid`s reach, in a cool temperature and protected from light. At the expiration of the shelf life of the medication is utilized, in order to avoid negative impacts on human health.

Method of therapy from neurosis

Librium is administered orally, squeezed enough water. This drug must be appointed by a physician and, subsequently, to control peripheral blood and the degree of activity of liver enzymes. To combine the medication Librium extremaely carefully with beta-blockers, chlordiazepoxide, anticoagulants and cardiac glycosides, the degree and nature of this interaction can be unpredictable and uncontrollable.

The use of the drug with ethanol is strictly prohibited, and after the prolonged abuse, the risk of addiction increases significantly. The addiction can be formed during prolonged course of treatment (over a month), as well as from large doses of medication. Reduction in the dosage must be performed slowly, so as not to provoke withdrawl syndrome.

Strictly observe the manifestation of atypical reactions, when they occur to stop drinking Librium and immediately consult a doctor for professional advice. During the period of drug therapy be careful while driving and occupation by hazardous activities that require instant psychomotor reactions, concentration and precision movements.


Dosage Librium (Chlordiazepoxide)

The regimen and dosage are selected only by the doctor strictly. The average standard dose is 0.005 or 0.01 grams from two to four times per day. Daily dose may be increased to 0.10 gram, and by the end of the treatment course gradually is reduced. Particularly severe cases of disease require the use of 0.02 or 0.025 grams per day of active substance.

Acute attacks of certain diseases compel the attending physician to increase the daily dose up to 0.03 grams of the drug not taking. Children and people of advanced age, limit the dose – 0.06 grams per day. In psychiatric practice, Librium, as the anti-stress treatment is prescribed in an initial dose of 0.01 grams daily, then, on medical advice, it increases to 0.03 grams daily, which is divided into three or four doses. This rule coincides with the dosage for sedation and alcohol withdrawal, maximum dose per day in this case is 0.04 grams.

What is Neurosis Symptoms?

Contraindications of Librium from neurosis

  • Hypersensitivity to the drug.
  • Acute alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, when there are serious violations of the vital functions of the body and severe CNS depression.
  • When using narcotic analgesics and potent hypnotics.
  • In shock or coma, myasthenia gravis and closed glaucoma.
  • Severe degree of respiratory failure.
  • In suicidal tendencies during severe depression.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Children up to six years.
  • Hyperkinesis and hypoproteinemia.
  • Organic lesions of the brain.
  • Bronchospastic syndrome.
  • Acute renal and hepatic failure.
  • Spinal and cerebellar ataxia.
  • Any drug dependence, or obsessive inclination to use of psychoactive medicines.
  • Paradoxical gain of the main symptoms of mental illness of the patient.
  • The progression of atypical reactions.
  • Sleep apnea.
  • Violation of the swallowing reflex of children.
  • Fairly old age.

Availability of Librium

Librium is one of the prohibited medicines, therefore to buy Librium without having receipt is out of possibility. To buy librium many use deutsche websites, but it cannot garantee not to be contraband.

But where to buy Librium? The response is as old as the world – in a chemist with a medical prescription. Legislation of many countries urges people to order Librium under the strict doctor`s supervision. The concern of where to buy Librium will be rational afer the interviewing with a psychiatrist, who will explain the irrationality of to buy Librium online in fake medical websites.

So there are two ways of how to buy librium in your region:

  • Before to order Librium patient must be examined by medic.
  • After the examination the medic prescribes the drug and explains how to buy Librium.
  • It is possible to buy Librium online with already prescribed list.

So, the issue where to buy librium is appropriate after the observance of above mentioned points.


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